Serengeti Luxury Tented Lodges

Accommodations in Serengeti National Park are: Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge ,   Migration Camp ,  Kempinski , Serengeti Sopa Lodge,  Seronera Wildlife Lodge ,  Ikoma Bush Camp ,  Lobo Wildlife Lodge ,  Exclusive Mobile Camp,  Nasikia Luxury Camp,  Bilila Lodge Dunia Camp ,  Kirawira Tented Camp ,  Mbuzi Mawe Tented Camp,  Sayari Camp
Serengeti Luxury Tented Lodges 
Ikoma Bush  Standard Tented Camp
Ikoma Bush Camp is located northwest of Serengeti (outside thePark) and is ideally located when the migration is moving between Tanzania and Kenya. Here it is also possible to do guided walks.
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Ikoma Bush Camp Ikoma Bush Camp
Seronera Wildlife  Standard Safari Lodge
Seronera Wildlife Lodge is located in the center of Serengeti. An ideal starting point for all game drives and to discover Serengeti. Nearby the lodge you find different waterholes where you can watch the animals. From here you can also start for a balloon safari. Read more:
Seronera Wildlife Lodge Seronera Wildlife Lodge
Lobo Wildlife Standard Safari Lodge
Lobo Wildlife Lodge is located in the north of Serengeti in the corridor, where the migration is changing between Kenya and Tanzania. The Lodge was built into the Kopjes and has a wonderful view over Serengeti. A waterhole nearby is attracting several animals during the whole day and in the evening.Read more:
Lobo Wildlife Lodge  Lobo Wildlife Lodge
Exclusive Mobile Deluxe Tented Camp
Exclusive Mobile Camp is moving with the migration. From December to May you find it in the South of Serengeti, from June to November in the center and the north, so you have always short distances to follow the migration. It is a real bush expenrienc in the Serengeti. More information:
Exclusive Mobile Camp Exclusive Mobile Camp
Nasikia Luxury Deluxe Tented Camp
Also this camp is a mobile camp and follows the migration. In total there are 4-10 tets where you can enjoy wilderness and quietness (expect for some lion roars). A great experience.Read more:
Nasikia Luxury Camp Nasikia Luxury Camp
Olakira Deluxe Tented Camp
Olaikira Camp is a mobile luxury tented camp moving with the migration. Only 8 tents guarantee privacy and intimacy. Read more:
Olakira Camp Olakira Camp
Serengeti Sopa Deluxe Safari Lodge
Serengeti Sopa Lodge is located in the south of Serengeti. Perfect for game drive in the Ndutu area or in the south Serengeti. The lodge is built on a hill and has a great view over the Serengeti Plains. On request we can organize a bush breakfast or bush dinner.More information:
Serengeti Sopa Lodge  Serengeti Sopa Lodge
Bilila  Kempinski Luxury Safari Lodge
Bilila Lodge is combining perfectly intimicy and comfort of a luxury accommodation. The rooms are very spacious and have a private terrace, from where you can observe the Serengeti Plains. Also the restaurant will spoil you with delicioius food and wines from all over the world.Read more:
Bilila Lodge Kempinski  Bilila Lodge Kempinski
Dunia Camp Luxury Tented Camp
Dunia Camp is located between Ndutu and Central Serengeti near the Moru Kopjes, where the Migration is passing on the way to the North of Serengeti. It has 8 spacious tenst with ensuite facilities. From here also balloon safaris can be organized.Read more:
Dunia Camp Dunia Camp
Kirawira  Luxury Tented Camp
In the west of Serengeti, nearby Grumeti River you can find the Kirawira Tented Camp. All tents were built on a wooden plattform and have ensuite facilities. The veranda offers astonishing views over the Serengeti. Enjoy your sundowner and listen to the voices of the Serengeti. Read more:
Kirawira Tented Camp Kirawira Tented Camp
Mbuzi Mawe Luxury Tented Camp
Surrounded by big rocks the Mbuzi Mawe Tented Camp was built in the center of Serengeti. Similar to Seronera the camp is a very good starting point for game drives throughout the year. Also balloon safaris are starting nearby.
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Mbuzi Mawe Tented Camp Mbuzi Mawe Tented Camp
Migration Luxury Tented Camp
Migration Camp located in the western Serengeti has a great view point over Grumeti River. The arrangement of the tents is a dream, the tenst are very comfortable and the pool is there for pure relaxation.Read more:
Mbuzi Mawe Tented Camp Mbuzi Mawe Tented Camp
Sayari Luxury Tented Camp
Sayari Camp is located in the North of Serengeti, close to the Masai Mara River. Only 15 tents guarantee you privacy and intimacy. During the migration you will see millions of wildebeest and zebras. Read more:
Sayari Camp Sayari Camp
Serengeti Serena Luxury Safari Lodge
The lodge was built in Maasai style. The bungalows remind you on the typical Maasai houses. They are located throughout a nice garden. Next to the pool you can find a nice spa – enjoy a relaxing massage before dinner or after a game drive. The view from the rooms and the view point are breathtaking.Read more:

Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge

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